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Mario Stark, MD
Naturopathic Treatment,
Chiropractic, Sports Medicine
Friedrichstr. 4
D-78073 Bad Dürrheim, Germany
Phone: +49 7726 7060

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thur

8-12 AM

Mario Stark, MD

Neurological Integration and Osteopathy

Picture of Mario Stark, MDEvery symptom of disease is always a consequence of causes, i.e. of reduced function or communication of one or more elements of the 'total system of a human being'.

Therefore, as a physician, osteopath and certified NIS therapist, I specialize in identifying the root causes of discomfort and illness.

The combination of medicine and extended osteopathy is an ideal symbiosis, which makes it possible to recognize disease patterns faster and more comprehensively and thus to achieve faster improvement of physical problems.

For medicine as well as osteopathy, the human being is an inseparable unit of body (organs and tissues), soul and spirit. If all those components work together perfectly, the human being is healthy. If parts do not function or do not function properly, illness arises.

Knowledge Base and Analysis

First of all, I will analyze the entire system of your body in order to possibly find the causes of your illness - because the cause is often to be found in a completely different place than the symptoms. In doing so, your own personal perception gives me important clues - because the patient's perception is crucial.

The following proven medical and holistic procedures are my main areas of practice:

  • Extended Medical Osteopathy
  • Neurological Integration (NIS)
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Homeopathy
  • Phytotherapy

Furthermore, I additionally use established medical procedures (e.g. blood tests, cooperation with medical specialists).
After that, it is important to find the weakened elements in the system through precise examination, in order to possibly improve their function in a significant way through targeted treatment.

For this reason, I take my time for you, as this method requires a great deal of medical quality.

Comprehensive Treatment

The subsequent treatment aims at addressing health problems ideally at their cause by applying this extended complex of knowledge and creating the best possible prerequisites for the body's own self-healing powers.

This way, we may be able to achieve complete freedom from pain and full mobility. This means for you:

More well-being, more quality of life - much more fun in everything you do!


  • Acute and chronic pains of all kinds
  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system: spine, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Disorders of digestive organs: stomach, intestines, liver/bile, etc.
  • Disorders of respiratory organs: lungs, bronchi, nose/sinuses, throat
  • Disorders of the urinary tract: Kidney, bladder, etc.
  • Immune system disorders: susceptibility to infections, chronic infections, unhealed infections, etc.
  • Disorders of the nervous system: anxiety, depressive moods, concentration disorders, sleep disorders, local sensory disorders (tingling, numbness, etc.), migraine, etc.
  • Stress symptoms, tinnitus, states of exhaustion...



You have special questions? Feel free to call us: +49 7726 7060

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