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Mario Stark, MD
Naturopathic Treatment,
Chiropractic, Sports Medicine
Friedrichstr. 4
D-78073 Bad Dürrheim, Germany
Phone: +49 7726 7060

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thur

8-12 AM

Medical Osteopathy

Although the ancient Greek word "ostéon" actually means "bones", osteopathy is about the soft tissues, i.e. organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, as well as the blood vessels, the lymphatic system and, most importantly, the nervous system.

Global strains - local symptoms

An osteopathic treatment never focuses on individual symptoms or diseases, but always on the patient's entire organism.

Since in our body everything is interconnected with everything else, forces and loads are always borne by the entire body.
As a result of dysfunctions, however, inflammation and pain can then occur locally (for example, due to an overload). This explains why the causes of discomfort may be located in a completely different region of the body. These need to be found and remedied.

Our body - A complex network

All our organs, muscles, etc., even all the cells in our body, are enveloped by connective tissue. These connective tissues are called fasciae.
Everything is connected to each other through these fasciae. They also act as carriers for blood vessels and nerves, which in turn supply the organs.

Thus, due to the "interconnectedness" of the entire nervous system, all organs and also all other tissues are directly and indirectly interconnected with the nervous system.
Due to these reasons, the fasciae are at the center of osteopathic work.

Of course, we will take all of your symptoms very seriously, because the patient's feeling is crucial for us and gives us important clues. During treatment, we always strive to restore the proper and harmonious functioning of the entire organism.

Children can also be treated holistically by Dr. Stark

Localization and elimination of causes

Using a combination of years of experience, a background in education, and the latest research, it is possible to find the cause of discomfort through sensing, palpation, muscle testing, and other methods of analysis, and potentially restore the function.

This can improve mobility, blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and, ideally, stimulate the self-healing powers. Furthermore, in many cases improvements in detoxification, digestion and the respiratory tract can be determined, as well as other positive effects in the cardiovascular system, organs, nervous system, immune system etc.

Once this has been achieved, the body's self-healing powers can take over again.

A treatment with extended medical osteopathy by Mario Stark, MD.

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