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Mario Stark, MD
Naturopathic Treatment,
Chiropractic, Sports Medicine
Friedrichstr. 4
D-78073 Bad Dürrheim, Germany
Phone: +49 7726 7060

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thur

8-12 AM


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What our patients say:

Hans-Peter Stumpf"My wife, who was successfully treated by Dr. Stark for back problems 4 years ago, advised me to visit Dr. Stark after heart problems and the associated psychological and physical reactions.

I am glad that I took this step. After a comprehensive anamnesis, the treatment was initiated, the complaints alleviated and the causes were counteracted. What was amazing and completely new for me was the holistic approach of seeing the person as a whole, thus finding disturbing factors in the body, awakening self-healing powers and showing how to tackle and solve problems oneself.

After 6 sessions my body and psyche are back in balance. My complaints have improved optimally. The intensive discussions, Dr. Stark's patience and the friendly atmosphere were also crucial. I would like to thank Dr. Stark and Mrs. Stark very much.

Hans-Peter Stumpf, 78652 Deißlingen, Germany

• • •

Mrs. M. Braun, Deisslingen-LaufenI was about to have an operation because of my hip problems. The orthopedist didn't know what to do. I was looking for a clinic for the surgery. After a few treatments (7/2011) I felt better. I was almost free of pain and was able to avoid surgery right to this day (3/2015). "

Ms. M. Braun, 80 years old, Deisslingen-Laufen, Germany

• • •

"After an operation on my head, I suffered from severe dizziness, which limited my life very much. Several examinations with various Doctors (ENT, orthopedist, ophthalmologist, dizziness outpatient clinic) remained without results and led to no significant improvement.
Through Dr. Stark's holistic treatment, I felt a change after just a few appointments. My symptoms improved step by step, so that today I feel much better."

Steffi Straub

O. and M.  Schwager, Gisikon, Switzerland"Diagnosis : Herniated disc with severe pain despite pain medication. (M)
Div. complaints knee and feet (O)
We have never been examined so thoroughly and since the targeted therapies, we feel much better. We wish all doctors would look at the whole person, not just the painful part.

O. and M. Schwager, Gisikon, Switzerland

• • •

Thomas Hörburger"After I started having physical problems in the form of joint and muscle pain at the beginning of 2014, I went to see my family doctor. Unfortunately, he could not offer me a specific treatment for my complaints.

The pain got worse and worse over the course of 2014 and 2015, virtually every major joint such as knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist caused me sometimes severe pain. In addition, there were almost unbearable muscular pains. When severe back pain was added towards the middle of 2015, my physical freedom of movement was almost completely restricted.

In December 2015, I then started treatment with Dr. Stark and after just a few sessions I noticed a drastic improvement in my symptoms.

Meanwhile (February 2016) I am almost free of discomfort and can already do light sports again.
I would not have expected such a quick success beforehand, so I am all the happier about the sensational course of the treatment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Stark and his very friendly team once again. "

Thomas Hörburger

• • •

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