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Mario Stark, MD
Naturopathic Treatment,
Chiropractic, Sports Medicine
Friedrichstr. 4
D-78073 Bad Dürrheim, Germany
Phone: +49 7726 7060

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thur

8-12 AM


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More statements of our patients:

Melanie Issler-Hanus"With his holistic medical therapy method, Dr. M. Stark helped me to get a grip on recurring back pain in such a way that my body could regenerate more quickly by itself.
As a special educator, I myself work in the form of holistic developmental support, so I was open to Dr.Stark's form of therapy.

Also in the preparation for birth and afterwards with my baby, I had positive experiences in this regard.."

Melanie Issler-Hanus

• • •

"Due to an accident in 2005, I suffered a tibial plateau fracture, which was fixed with plates and screwed several times. The resulting incorrect stresses caused me constant pain, which took its toll on me both physically and psychologically.

Dr. Stark brought these ailments of body and mind back into balance through his treatment.
The pain has receded and the vigor I need for my life returned."

Max Rombach, Master Painter, self-employed, aged 55, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

• • •

For years I had had several almost unbearable coughing fits every day. I was only known as the "coughing woman in the Black Forest". Really everything was tried. The whole body has been examined. Nothing has been found.

Through an acquaintance, Dr. Stark was recommended to me. And here I finally found improvement. I feel better in general and have been relieved of my coughing.

Mrs. Hilde Zeißig, 79 years, Tuningen, Germany

• • •

Frau M. Braun, Deisslingen-Laufen"The general condition has improved a lot. Dr. Stark was able to take away my fears. This makes me feel better psychologically. As a result, I have more vitality and courage to face life. I appreciate his treatment very much and will continue to stay in his treatment.

I have the feeling that through the holistic treatment my body feels better and as a result I can continue to do my job with pleasure at the age of 81."
Mr. Martin Braun, 81 years, Deisslingen-Lauffen, Germany

• • •

"With a complicated clinical picture, I entrusted myself to Dr. Stark. He helped me to gain a new sensitivity to the needs of my body and mobilized my self-healing powers..

Not the quick, superficial healing success, which only has the symptoms in mind, but the holistic treatment is the focus of Dr. Stark's medical art.

Many issues have been 'healed' for me again and I am happy and grateful to have found someone who 'takes care' of my health with such great commitment.

The pleasant feeling of being in good hands in this doctor's office is already established in the friendly reception in the comfortably furnished anteroom."

Andreas Böhler

• • •

"Dr. Stark makes me strong! I had confidence from the beginning that he would help me beat my pain. I also feel better mentally."
Ursula Schaffner, 72 years, Dietingen, Germany

• • •

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